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museum lobby

Welcome to the front desk! This is where you begin your tour, just look at the directory below to decide what section of the building you would like to experience.

sleeper & kurtz free virtual roadside museum

Welcome! You happened to stumble upon an ongoing exhibit of priceless relics that have been recovered from the roadside at absolutely zero cost.

We have "rescued" many artifacts from extinction, these artifacts have been restored and placed in our virtual museum for all to see. Some of these things you may already know what they are, others you may be seeing for the very first time. Visit the museum to experience these relics of yesteryear.

The museum Curator is currently accepting contributions to appear in future exhibits. If a visitor has acquired any museum quality pieces that they wish to exhibit in the archives they can be submitted to the Curator.

Museum Directory

main exhibit :
have the Curator appraise your artifact for exhibition:

The Curator has given tours to guests.