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The "surf" band 13ghosts, disbanded approx. 1 year ago... Any band performing, or otherwise existing, is an IMPOSTER outfit, containing only 1 original member. All efforts should be made to boycott this IMPOSTER band at once.

Feel free to leave messages in the ghost book, as the email address is inoperable. This site is being run (as it always was) by the remaining 3 ex-ghosts. If you have any questions, or if someone would care to pull the knife from my back, the ghost book is the means of communication.

This site will be regularly updated, so please check back. Thank you to everyone who supported us in the past, and i hope you understand that while certain friendships have been irrepairably damaged, the remaining three know who their friends are....

This site will gradually turn into a new site, as we leave some things behind to die, and the remaining 3, manifest into a new entity, only to re-emerge.

"we are the things that were and shall be again..."

This page has currently abducted souls.